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Books by Sara Caldwell

Raven Dock (Young Adult)

Raven Dock Ebook Cover.jpg

17 year-old Harper Duncan never fit in anywhere her family moved…and they moved a lot. But after her parents and brother die in a tragic accident, she finds out she’s adopted and her birth mother lives in a remote retreat called Raven Dock. Harper ventures north and discovers a dark family secret: her birth mother is a witch. And she’s one too. As Harper learns about her own hidden powers, will she choose to embrace her chilling heritage, or return to the safety of the ordinary world?


Raven Dock is the first novel in the Dark Coven book series. Visit Sara's author site for more information. 

2018 White Bird Publications. Available on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Splatter Flics: How to Make Low Budget Horror Films (Non-Fiction)


Everyone who’s ever longed to make their very own horror movie needs a copy of Splatter Flicks, a comprehensive guide that shows aspiring filmmakers exactly how today’s most successful creators of horror finance, produce, and market their films. Interviews with the creative geniuses behind such low-budget moneymakers as Dead Serious, Till Death Do Us Part, Scarecrow, and many others reveal such dark secrets as how to make a movie for $ 2,000, how to get the best shrieks from scream queens, how to capture fear on film, how to make the perfect monster...the list goes on and on—it won’t stop—make it stop—aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! 

Allworth Press. Order Splatter Flicks

Jumpstart Film Company.jpg

Firsthand knowledge and advice on every aspect of forming a film production company can be found in this one source. Film production company owners, entertainment attorneys, accountants, and distributors answer the most commonly asked questions on forming and running a successful film production company. They provide proven tips for setting up shop, following a financial plan, working with investors, forming a marketing strategy, getting a film distributed, and more. Real-life anecdotes from a wide range of professionals from the production company trenches are both informing and entertaining.

Allworth Press. Order Jumpstart

Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company (Non-Fiction)

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