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Festivals Awards

Short Film Awards

  • LA Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA (Best Horror, Best Supporting Actress; Nominations: Best Supporting Actor/Actress)

  • Indie Horror Film Festival, Gatlinburg, TN (Best Short Film, 6 nominations: Best Director, Best Actress/Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Sound)

  • Creative Arts Film Festival (Best Short Horror, Best Director, Best DP, Best Original Score)

  • Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival (Best Short Film)

  • Haunted Horror Film Festival, Freeport, TX (Audience Choice & Best Short Film Villain)

  • The IndieFEST (Award of Merit: Short Film)

  • Best Shorts Competition (Award of Merit: Short Film)

  • Women in Horror Film Festival, Atlanta, GA (Semi Finalist)

  • North Hollywood CineFest, North Hollywood, CA (Nomination: Best Short Horror)

  • International Horror Hotel Film Festival, Cleveland, OH (Honorable Mention)

  • Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder City, NV (Nomination: Best Short Horror)

  • Hang Onto Your Shorts, Asbury Park, NJ (Nominations: Best Actress, Best Director, Best Thriller/Horror Short)

  • Independent Horror Movie Awards (Nominations: Best Director, Best Short)

Feature Screenplay Awards

  •  Best Screenplay - NOLA Horror Film Festival

  • Best Original Screenplay – Burbank International Film Festival

  • Best Screenplay – Shivers International Film Festival

  • Best Screenplay – Dazed4Horror Film Festival

  • 1st Place, Horror Category – Cannes Screenplay Contest 

  • 1st Place, Best Feature Screenplay - LA Independent Film Festival

  • Finalist_ New York City Horror Film Festival (twice)

  • Silver Remi Award, Worldfest Houson

  • Finalist, Women in Horror Film Festival

  •  Finalisty - Shriekfest Horror Film Festival

  •  Finalist – Nashville Film Festival (Historical Feature Screenplay)

  • Finalist – Crimson Horror Film Festival 

  • Finalist – Horror Film & Screenplay Festival

  • Finalist – Global Script Challenge, Oaxaca Film Fest

  • Finalist - Script Summit Screenplay Contest

Festival Awards & Nominations: News
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