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In 1830s Manchester, a young mother must confront the malevolent presence of the mysterious ‘knocker upper’ to protect her family, amid the relentless struggles of urban cotton mill workers.


Best Short Screenplay, Los Angeles Film Festival; Top 10, Killer Shorts

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JoAnna de Castro as Elaine

JoAnna de Castro_edited.jpg

Milo Shearer as Lowell

Milo Shearer_edited.jpg

Aiden Allen as Simon

Aidan Allen_edited.jpg

Aria Surrec as Nettie

Aria Surrec blue_edited.jpg

Jane Osborn as Mrs. Andrews

Jane Osborn 2.jpg

Clark Long as The Knocker

Clark Long_edited.jpg

Mark Coulter as Mill Worker

MARK B & W Cropped 1.jpeg


Directors: Sara Caldwell, Walter Gorey

Writer: Sara Caldwell

Producers: Sara Caldwell, Katherine Bulovic, Walter Gorey

Director of Photography: Steven Mangurten

Production Designer: Katherine Bulovic

Editor: Evan Langston

Costume Designer: Dee Graham

Composer: Chris Wirsig

Casting Director: Chris Gilmore

Sound Designer: Trevor Hilton

Harris House.jpg

Filmed at the historic Harris House, Glendale, CA

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