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In the Works

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Farmers Market

In a dystopian future in which aliens treat humans like farm animals, 10-year-old Grace manages to escape and finds sanctuary where she least expected it. This stop-motion short film is in the initial stages of post-production with editor Evan Langston. Many visual effects are also being added by William Reliford, helping bring the story to life. Follow us on Facebook!

#farmersmarketshortfilm #stopmotionanimation 

Happy Life

House of Gorey Productions has optioned the award-winning screenplay Happy Life from screenwriter Kelly Karam. More updates will be posted soon!

#happylifeshortfilm #stopmotionanimation 

The Ghost Under my Bed

The Ghost Under My Bed is a stop motion animation set in the 1850s. A lonely little girl moves to a southern plantation. She befriends a ghost under her bed, only to discover there are much greater human horrors in store. 

  • Winner, International Motion Picture Awards

  • Best Stop Motion Animation, Feedback Animation Film & Screenplay Festival

  • Best Stop Motion Animator, Los Angeles Short Film Festival

  • Special Jury Award, Brazil International Film Festival

  • Nominee, Best Animation, Madrid international Film Festival

  • Nominee, Best Animation & VFX, 2023 ARFF Paris International Awards

(View trailer)

Boarding House

A pregnant young woman from the 1930s depression era who seeks refuge in a remote boarding house. She thinks she’s safe until the inhabitants and events become increasingly bizarre, transcending reality and time and putting her unborn child in danger.

Scissor Man

Two young girls left alone in a motel room conjure up their worst fear – the notorious Scissor Man who cuts off the fingers of thumb-sucking children. But is he real, or just a figment of their imagination?



After a night of partying, a self-centered young woman’s past resurfaces with a vengeance. (View Trailer)


During COVID, a single mom takes on a new assignment that has chilling consequences (View Trailer)


A young woman finds a cheap rental space, but soon realizes she's caught up in a dangerous game.

Shadow Man

Set in the depression era, a young migrant boy is terrorized by a dangerous Shadow Man.

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